Computer-aided qualitative data analysis of social media for teachers and students in legal education

ralt20.v049.i01.cover Published online by The Law Teacher on 12 April 2016, this article joined the top 3 ‘most-read’ list within two months.

The article addresses a new field for legal education researchers. It describes and discusses emergent methods for computer-aided qualitative data analysis of social media in legal education.

Acknowledgements: The guest editor for the issue, Professor Paul Maharg, and some of the other authors gave me helpful feedback for the article. Of course, responsibility for errors or omissions in the article is mine.

Sections include:

  • Conceptualising social media
  • Ethical and methodological considerations
  • Qualitative data analysis strategies
  • Computer-aided qualitative data analysis tools
  • Analysis of social media discussions involving specific topics or events
  • Analysis of legal educators’ social media activities
  • Examples of existing studies using Twitter datasets
  • Reflections and future work

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